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Accelerator Program

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Program Begins January 24th.
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It’s not just a membership – it’s your growth partner providing a wealth of expert advice, learning resources, and a community.

Feel alone and unmotivated in your workplace?

Some days, you’re riding high on the wave of success, and the next, you find yourself plummeting into the storm of uncertainty. You might wonder if you said something wrong, why a client suddenly stopped responding, or if you should have asked more questions. You’ve lost your confidence and motivation.

Alternatively, you might experience those draining days when nothing seems to fall into place. What you truly crave is clarity and trustworthy advice from someone who has faced similar challenges – a guiding hand to help you overcome these hurdles. The MyndFix Accelerator Group is here to help!

Where you're at...

Tired and unmotivated

Feeling stuck and unable to solve problems

Inability to communicate clearly

Personal life going off course

Where you want to be!

Excited and energized

Clear direction at problem solving

Become a leader your team can look up to

Create time for family and growth

Coaching, collaboration, and a community. Everything you need.

The resources you need, all on your own terms.

Weekly Coaching Calls

If you’re facing challenges at work or encountering obstacles with a client, our weekly coaching calls can help break through those barriers.

Courses & Templates

Assignments to help create the framework for not just your business, but your life. Craft a roadmap to help kickstart your dream life.

Online Community

Collaborate with like-minded people. Share your wins, your experiences, and keep each other accountable in this private, online group.

What to expect?

Through a Dynamic Interactive 10-week Group Coaching program you will find your Personal Development Accelerated to Become your Best Self. In addition to the 10-week program, you will have access to our Private Community Facebook Group which will continue to support your goals and achievements, as well as maintain accountability throughout the year.

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Course Outline

  • Module 1: Welcome and Introduction

    During our dynamic introduction, we will set goals and expectations.

  • Module 2: Understanding Your “MO”

    Included in your program, you will take the Kolbe Assessment both A and B. This assessment is the cornerstone of understanding your “Instinctive Strengths” and will our guiding assessment in developing your personal development.

  • Module 3: The “Invincible You” - Branding, Core Values

    This module will discuss how your Core Values shapes your brand to become your authentic self.

  • Module 4: “Achievo Quest” - Goal Setting

    Goal Setting is the primary reason we achieve success. Written Goals direct us to “Become Your Best Self.”

  • Module 5: “The Emotional Navigator” - Addressing Limiting Beliefs, Managing Reactions

    Addressing Limiting Beliefs, Managing Reactions- Emotional Intelligence allows us to truly understand ourselves, develop self- awareness and connect with others.

  • Module 6: “Conversational Strategies” - Improved Communication, Conflict Resolution

    Critical conversation skills is crucial to your professional career. Understanding your Communication Style will improve your level of connection.

  • Module 7: “Flexiflow” - Improving Flexibility, Resiliency, & Vulnerability

    Improving Flexibility, Resiliency, and Vulnerability are key qualities that contribute significantly to personal growth, well-being and success.

  • Module 8: “Harmony Link” - Improving Relationships

    Improving Relationships, the Cornerstone in our life, is so critical to our Happiness. Discovering connection and how this impacts your life will be a key.

  • Module 9: “Leadership Strategies” Unlocking Your Potential

    Unlocking Your Potential through developing Leadership Styles elevates your visibility and presence within your network and/or organization.

  • Module 10: Closing Evaluations, Celebration of Wins!

    We’ll take this time to reflect on your journey and celebrate your achievements!

Meet Nancy

Providing coaching for clients throughout the years, I promise to deliver genuine, compassionate, and mindful guidance.

Believing that each of us is responsible for continual growth, I have recently become a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. As your Certified Consultant, I am committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations to leverage their unique “instinctive strengths.”

Taking the opportunity to discover your “MO”(modus operandi), one becomes more productive and fulfilled while enjoying the freedom to be yourself. (Kolbe Corp).

For further Information, please contact Nancy Van Aman LCSW/Life Coach at 813-684-5048

Accelerator Program

Pricing designed with growth in mind.

The Original Cost of the Program is $4800.00; however, we are making an Introductory Offer for $3600.00. Payment plans available.



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Clients who have found success.

“Investing in myself has been the best thing I have ever did!’ I have received 2 promotions since starting with Nancy. They would not have happened without her coaching and straightforward approach!”

“Nancy’s level of compassion and understanding has helped me learn to listen, reflect, and clarify so that my leadership skills were taken to the next level.”

“My “Aha” moments have been a game changer for my life. My ability to connect and communicate with my peers is something I truly needed help with. Identifying my limiting beliefs is a skill set that Nancy has a knack for. She profoundly changed my life.”

“Nancy’s voice sticks in my head! lol but seriously, her ability to identify and problem solve situations has helped me to have a better mindset and become proactive in my life. I choose to live my best life in the present!”

Earn more, work less

Discover how to scale your business but find balance and time in your personal life.

Boost in confidence

From the daily tasks to leading a team, approach work with a sense of confidence.

Find stability

No more guesswork on what needs to be done. A consistent plan with measurable results.

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