Join the Myndfix Accelerator Program


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The Myndfix Accelerator Program will help you:

  1. Develop your Brand
  2. Discover your “Instinctive Strengths” by administering the Kolbe System to understand how you   naturally take-action
  3. Develop your Leadership Abilities
  4. Improve your Communication Skills 
  5. Create a Personal Development Growth Plan

And… So Much More

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Welcome and Introduction

    During our dynamic introduction, we will set goals and expectations.

  • Module 2: Understanding Your “MO”

    Included in your program, you will take the Kolbe Assessment both A and B. This assessment is the cornerstone of understanding your “Instinctive Strengths” and will our guiding assessment in developing your personal development.

  • Module 3: The “Invincible You” - Branding, Core Values

    This module will discuss how your Core Values shapes your brand to become your authentic self.

  • Module 4: “Achievo Quest” - Goal Setting

    Goal Setting is the primary reason we achieve success. Written Goals direct us to “Become Your Best Self.”

  • Module 5: “The Emotional Navigator” - Addressing Limiting Beliefs, Managing Reactions

    Addressing Limiting Beliefs, Managing Reactions- Emotional Intelligence allows us to truly understand ourselves, develop self- awareness and connect with others.

  • Module 6: “Conversational Strategies” - Improved Communication, Conflict Resolution

    Critical conversation skills is crucial to your professional career. Understanding your Communication Style will improve your level of connection.

  • Module 7: “Flexiflow” - Improving Flexibility, Resiliency, & Vulnerability

    Improving Flexibility, Resiliency, and Vulnerability are key qualities that contribute significantly to personal growth, well-being and success.

  • Module 8: “Harmony Link” - Improving Relationships

    Improving Relationships, the Cornerstone in our life, is so critical to our Happiness. Discovering connection and how this impacts your life will be a key.

  • Module 9: “Leadership Strategies” Unlocking Your Potential

    Unlocking Your Potential through developing Leadership Styles elevates your visibility and presence within your network and/or organization.

  • Module 10: Closing Evaluations, Celebration of Wins!

    We’ll take this time to reflect on your journey and celebrate your achievements!

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